I'm Like a Waterfall at Night

by Space Lungs



Drifting away,
Out of touch with everything,
Gone for so long,
I don't know where I belong,
I'm a drifter always been,
But I won't forget a friend,
I slip in and out of time but I know that I'll meet you round the bend,
I'm like a waterfall at night,
I don't know where I'm headed,
Where I been I keep forgettin',
Like a ghost in my brainwave,
Bein' haunted by the old days,
Sometimes it takes a picture to remind me where I've been,
I can't contain the feeling when I feel it rushing in...


released May 3, 2020
Drums courtesy of Darren Weiss (Girls, Papa, Monastereo). Thanks again man!


all rights reserved


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